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Kabir Sahni

Hi. Welcome to my past and present.

This is a digitized collection of selected works, both academic and professional. They represent my penchant for social advocacy, environmental consciousness, theoretical basslines, geometric and literary romanticism, trans-scalar and trans-disciplinary execution, and vernacular piquancy. I find great pleasure in questioning quotidian human behavior and addressing problems of inequity, social polarisation, and capitalist mayhem. I love writing, creating, and enacting stories, fiction and non-fiction, though I have a predilection for real-world criticism.

The following is a smorgasbord of projects, studies, texts, and professional work. Bon Appétit.

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plans, sections, elevations, isometric, axonometric, sketches, film, models, diagrams, doodled, texts, stories, music, photographs, artifacts, views, systems, collages, pamphelts, booklets, postcards, materials, notes, journals, bills, dreams, criticism, arguments, gifs, portfolio, rants


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