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Coulomb, Rapallo

Design Consultant at Hive India
Collaborators / Niharika Shekhawat
Urban Rest Stop
Stazione Rapallo, Italy


The smallest manifestation of Sosta is a charging station. Titled ‘Coulomb’, it is centered around one unit of charge, i.e. one dynamo. The station is a collection of shaded stands with charging points hurdled around the dynamo like followers around the shrine. Following the sustainable philosophy of Sosta, Coulomb is restricted to clean and renewable energy. In addition to the charging points, there is a scattering of seats in reclaimed corten steel and wood. The entire assembly sits on a raised platform with energy flooring - technology that converts the kinetic energy of people walking over it to electrical energy. Coulomb at Rapallo Station, Italy is the ideal rest stop for people to charge their devices, finish some work, or chit chat whilst they wait for the next train. Placed on the balcony is also allows visitors to enjoy the view and maybe even claim some vitamin D!

contribution / project co-lead, conceptualization, design development, graphic design, research, furniture design, fabrication drawings, presentation design

diagram  / components and hierarchies

oblique / east side view of the rest stop with available systems and services

isometric / components, assembly, hierarchies
isometric, elevaton, plam / seating and materiality



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