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Atto Exhibit

Intern at Atto Atelier
Collaborators / George Attokaran, Niyati Thakkar, Ann James
Exhibition for Design x Design
Alliance Française, New Delhi, India


image / banners, lower half - conceptual renders, drawings and diagrams

I was fortunate to be interning at the firm during the year it was selected to showcase its work at the “20 under 35” exhibition under the annual Design x Design exhibit at Alliance Française, New Delhi.

The exhibit was designed to reflect Atto Atelier’s idiosyncrasies and the love for building, experimenting, and materiality. Emanating a clan-like vibe, the exhibit was a collection of banners, symbolic trinkets, and contraptions to incite public participation, all leading to a three-piece setup. The first was a book of original tracing sheet drawings bound in concrete panel covers to capture the rawness of the point of conception. The second was a periscope-like contraption with films of renders, concepts, and designs. And the third was a series of banners with prints of the final products on canvas. Materials like wood, metal, concrete, and cloth were used but kept raw and unpolished, bringing out their innate beauty. (We got coverage in the newspaper!)

contribution / exhibit concept, design development, graphic design, off-site execution management

image / complete exhibit, three banners, operable periscope, book of ideas

images / (left to right) trinkets, concrete cover, banner arrows

images / book of ideas, sketches and hand drawings

images / assembly in process - book of ideas and operable persicope

sketches / journal - concepts, ideas, notes, designs, details, conversations and day dreams



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